Fallbrook Academy

Fallbrook Academy’s program is based on the belief that successful students become successful adults. We have formulated our core curriculum to prepare students to succeed in college and beyond. We place an emphasis on American civics, arts and music, phonics, Singapore Math®, and other essential programs.

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  • Classical education teaches the curriculum and content that has been transferred through centuries and serving to educate the learner to be a successful participant and contributor in life.
  • Classical education establishes within the learner an awareness of truth, virtue and beauty, leading students through a grammar stage, logic stage and rhetoric stage of learning.
  • Classical education teaches the learner to successfully achieve mastery of curriculum and be well-prepared for tests and tasks, but also how to achieve mastery in life pursuits.

Our Academic Program

is based on the belief that successful students become successful adults. Our core curriculum is specifically formulated to prepare students to succeed in college.This preparation includes crucial, fundamental, academic courses with a special emphasis on American civics, followed by more advanced courses. Our interest is in educating the whole person, instilling both knowledge and values that will serve both the student and our society in years to come. We wholeheartedly agree with President Theodore Roosevelt’s belief that an intellectual education without benefit of moral training creates a menace to our society. For this reason, we are committed to provide not only quality education but also training in character growth.

Our Distinctives

  • We believe in truth, goodness, and beauty.
  • We are integrated and interdisciplinary.
  • We emphasize student learning.
  • We regard truth as objective and knowable.
  • We elevate quality over quantity.
  • We foster a love of learning.
  • We appreciate Western Civilization.