What is the foundation of this educational option? The foundation of the classical approach is to ground children in a rigorously academic and comprehensive education that is based on the Trivium which organizes the learning around the capacity of a child’s mind.

ResponsiveEd Classical Academies center on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy that all children are born persons with minds that deserve a rich and generous curriculum while recognizing each child as an individual with unique needs. Classical curriculum, cultivation of moral character, and partnership with parents are cornerstones.

What is the reason for this educational option? To give students an opportunity for academic excellence and a moral framework that will encourage students to understand and use logic as they live their own lives and enrich the lives of others.

Why is this educational option important in today’s world? Building a strong foundation in each child when it comes to morality, logic, and rhetoric is essential to be a person who can withstand today’s rapidly changing world.