What does a typical classroom look like? The classroom walls are functionally decorated. There are centers for small group teaching. Children learn through words and language, by singing and clapping, by engaging with their teacher and each other. As functional, visuals are utilized in context for learning, especially with the instruction of vocabulary for reading. Word walls for science and math; as well as, timelines for history are very important to the classroom.

What does the teacher/student interaction look like? The teacher is up and engaged with students, whether in whole group, teacher-directed lessons or in small groups, allowing flexible grouping for learning different concepts and ideas. Again, Classical education is based on engagement with nurturing and compassionate adults. In the older grades, the teacher begins to move into the role of a facilitator as students learn to become owners of their own learning.

How much/what type of technology is used by the students in the classroom? Students use technology in some of our core subjects to enhance the different learning styles of the students.

What are the expectations of the student in the classroom? We purpose to create an atmosphere that exercises the mind and inspires the heart of each child to develop a love of learning as they encounter beauty within their world and studies.